Don’t Stress About Finding The Perfect Diet

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For those who are looking to jump into a diet, my best advice is to start. Somewhere. Just get the ball rolling, and then you can eventually start thinking about what foods and numbers make the best possible diet. Choose action over inaction. I can trot out a lot of tired phrases here, like some pseudo-philosopher, so I’ll try not to.

Ultimately you can’t train to be a world-class pilot without having first learned how to get the wheels to leave the ground. We’re talking basics. And the best way of going about that in this particular situation, is picking some way of cutting back on your food, and starting at the earliest possible time. Preferably today.  

I’ll use myself as an example, having been on some form of diet, with barely a week off, for the past six years. At the beginning, all I did was log on myfitnesspal and find out my daily calories. I stayed around the targets set by the app, and that was more than enough for my diet. Nothing fancy or specific, just calorie counting. 

And that got the job done. I gained muscle just by keeping protein high and raising calories with whatever foods I could stomach. Over the years I dropped a lot of those foods, and started focusing on how my body was responding. The results were great at the beginning, and they continued to get better.

My Progress

It was just the natural learning curve, building up my nutritional knowledge through experience. There isn’t a substitute for testing out different foods and seeing which fits best with your system. Books and videos don’t always translate, there’s just too many factors weighing in on each individual.

So pick a diet, any diet you like the look of, and get shredding. You will have all the opportunities to tinker with it further on.

For a host of guides on the diet, check out my blog.

Diet Guides

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