Six Easy Fixes For The Post Meal Bloat

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Having a healthy gut can be a game changer. It’s worth remembering that the bloating feeling that you get after a meal shouldn’t be happening. Here’s a few snap-shot ideas that you can use immediately, if you’re currently having to hold your sides in, or remember to use the next time you decide to risk it all on a takeaway.

1. Drink More Water

This will help flush out the stomach, despite that sounding counter-intuitive. Add in even more? Give it a try.

2. Eat Slower

It’s a cultural norm to get distracted during mealtime and start wolfing the food down. Putting the phone down and concentrating on the experience will allow you to slow down on the feeding frenzy and reduce the excess air that’s getting pulled in.

3. Add More Salt

Especially if it’s a healthy dish that you’ve whipped up yourself, it’s worth adding a pinch to make sure the water gets absorbed properly. 

4. Eat More Fibre 

This slows the digestive process down to a crawl, allowing the stomach to be more efficient.

5. Avoid or Limit Inflammatory Foods 

It could be that one or more of the foods on your plate doesn’t sit well with you, at least not at high doses. Sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, are all classic trouble-makers during digestion.

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6. Separate Into Two Meals

To cap off the list that’s so obvious it hurts to read, your stomach may not yet be powerful enough to cope with too much work at once. That will come with more time dedicated to fixing the gut and making it a force for mental health and weight loss.

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