Just prefacing this, it’s not about spiders. That makes for a happy side-effect of this exercise.

There are two major action items I use for improving the ability to stay focused and level through whatever trauma life can throw at you. Meditation, and breath-work. Both can be easily be done in unison to save precious time, but today I’ll focus on the latter.

Here’s the short end of it: Before you dive into the pillow, tear a piece of 3M micropore tape, and seal the mouth shut. 

And why would you do that? It’s simple enough, but it’s bound to feel freaky the first few times. It could also leave you with some explaining to do. So I can clear up a few main reasons that you can use in defence.


1. It Alleviates Insomnia and  Sleep Apnea

Mouth breathing during sleep is a key suspect for those terrible nights that always leave you in worse condition than the evening before. Taping up the lips will force the body to breathe through the nose instead, providing 10-20% more oxygen uptake throughout your spell under the covers.


2. Improves Stamina

The nose is perfectly set-up for breathing, besides the odd week or two when you forget to load up on Vitamin C and Bee Propolis. Using the mouth on the other hand, promotes anxiety, shallow breathing, bad posture, and propensity to finish a gym session with 3 minutes of hyperventilating.

Switching to nose breathing at night will naturally make it easier to continue the trend in daylight, fuelling you with more oxygen and giving you the choice of tackling higher intensities.


3. Fixes Snoring


Excessive snoring isn’t a normal thing you can just brush off. It hurts you, your sleep quality, your relationships, and that’s reason enough to consider dropping it from your skillset.

For anyone who’s still apprehensive, there’s no risk to trying it out a few times, and there’s plenty of potential life-altering positives. This is what it takes to find your perfect body. You try something new, note down if you’ve sensed any changes, then move onto the next switch. 



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