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The Carnivore Diet Plan For Beginners

  • A 30 Day Carnivore Guide
  • For You To Use As A Fat Loss Programme, An Elimination Diet, Or Both.
  • A 50 Page Programme That Walks You Through Every Detail
  • The Perfect Platform For Taking On The Extended Version Of Carnivore
  • And It’s Not A Crash Diet. Don’t Trust Me Just Yet. I’ll Explain…

The Benefits Of Taking On A Carnivore Diet

  • Better and easier fat mobilisation
  • Lowered anxiety, stress and inflammation
  • Improved mental energy
  • Overcome cravings and sugar addiction

How do you go about this fantasy diet? It’s simple, and it also might sound completely ridiculous. Believe me…I thought the same.

The Two Simple Steps Of Carnivore

Remove all plant products. All-in-one processed foods, vegetables, fruits, no matter how healthy they’re deemed to be.

Keep the meat, hoard up on eggs, load up on your favourite cheese.

Why would this work? Well, the first category is filled with foods that don’t like being eaten, and cause all kinds of issues once they get inside. Plants have evolved separately to animals, and you shouldn’t assume that a plant’s structure is going to just fuse into yours. There will be complications. Digestive issues, chronic inflammation, an imbalanced brain, and poor nutrient absorption. These just being a few of them. The problems may be obvious, they can be subtle, but it’s safe to say you’re loading up on toxins with every big bowl of salad.

The latter category, what you’re left with, is packed with superfoods that are biologically similar to us, loaded with nutrition, and contain much less toxins. Animals have evolved alongside us, so it’s fair to assume that their structures get processed much better. Hence why vegans have to eat much more volume to get to their RDAs. And that just means they have to risk extra inflammation to get there.

A Meat-Based Diet Is Built To Help You Thrive

So when you put these two huge factors together, you’re on to something. Can you thrive on meat alone? Absolutely. On plants? Without supplements? That’s definitely not the case.

But this is all still going to sound like a crash diet, so I’ve laid out a free carnivore guide that will give you a chance to discover the diet for yourself. It’s an ancient diet, something we’ve been doing since our cave-dwelling beginnings. But right now it’s a relatively new trend in the modern diet landscape. Many fresh diets promise to offer something completely different, trend on google for a few months, then get replaced unceremoniously by the next flavour.

Will it be radical, or just another fad? For 30 days of your time, the rewards may well outweigh the risks. Head through the link below to start the challenge.