Superfood Recipes For The Apex Diet Reset – Day 4

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All the way back yesterday in the Day 3 Guide, I recommend a few superfoods that everyone can make use of. A decent diet is a matter of high nutrient density and making sure your meals are jam-packed with a wide array of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

If you’re unsure as to what I mean by that, head back to the beginning to get the full mission debriefing.

The Apex Diet Reset

So here are the foods that you should now try to incorporate over the next few days.

Beef Liver
Goats Cheese

And there are the rules right now.

Days 3-6 - Stage One
Bring Back The Superfoods – Eat a large portion (300+ calories) of one animal food each day
Cut The Carbs – Eliminate sugars
Wipe Out The Inflammatory Oils – Eliminate processed vegetable oils

To make things easier, I’m going to suggest a few of my favourite meal ideas for bringing superfoods into the diet. But I’ll also suggest some adjustments you can make to each recipe, because I intitally wrote them up for a keto diet. Meaning the carbs are going to be meagre, or not there at all. In Stage One of the reset, we’re not quite at complete carbohydrate elimination just yet. Sugars are out, but foods like rice and sweet potato are still allowed. You could opt to follow these recipes by the letter and shun the carbs, but if you’re coming in hot from a few straight decades of high carbohydrate eating, it’s going to be an absolute grind at times.

Breakfast Recipes

A great breakfast food that is packed with a tantalising variety of flavours, and more than enough protein and fats to power you through to the afternoon. The best bit, is it’s ridiculously easy and incorporates ingredients you’ve likely already have lying around the kitchen.

Adjustments – Serve with 200g Sweet Potato, chopped and roasted.

For the sweeter side of things, which can be a real help when you’re struggling to get past that nagging sweet tooth.

Adjustments – Add 40g rolled oats into the batter.

Another ridiculously easy start to the day, with eggs providing a solid hit of nutrition.

Adjustments – Add two slices of sourdough bread 

Lunch Recipes

If you can dislocate your jaw just far enough to fit this in, it’s a solid meal. Try and make sure the burgers are made with 90-100% beef, because there tends to be a lot of filler added.

Adjustments – Add a 50g (1/2 pouch) serving of Basmati White Rice

Some actual greenery! Salads are only great when you can add generous servings of superfoods into the mix, so there’s plenty of beef added in for this one. 

Adjustments – Add a 50g (1/2 pouch) serving of Basmati White Rice

Salmon is a great source of essential Omega 3 fat, and actually feels like a treat. While I don’t bother with bacon anymore, there’s nothing wrong with a good cut of pork. Just try and find the ones that don’t flop around, that’s a telling sign they’re high in inflammatory Omega 6.

Adjustments – Add a 200g of spiced and roasted Butternut Squash

Dinner Recipes

This is kind of cheating, because it adds in two superfoods, potentially three if you choose good quality cheese. But there’s no harm in skipping ahead to Stage Two.

Adjustments – Add 50g Basmati White Rice

Want to get the immense nutritional benefits of beef liver, but can’t stand the taste? It’s an easy fix, just mix it in with ground beef.

Adjustments – Add 200g Sweet Potato

After a few attempted recipes that kept falling apart, one special combination finally managed to stick together.

Adjustments – Add 50g Basmati White Rice

I’ll be taking this reset on myself, and posting more guides and meal ideas in the process. If you have any questions, don’t wait around, just fire your questions over to my email or social media.

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