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Build The Body Fit For An Apex Predator

Staying in action isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.

Since the lockdown in Wales is set to continue on for at least four weeks, waiting simply isn’t on the cards for anyone who doesn’t like quicksand. With this new helping of bad news coming slap bang in the festive season, it’s easy to fall back into the habits of comfort eating and idleness. One bad decision leads you straight to the next one, and one month later you’re shaking in the corner of your bedroom, blanketed in the shadow of empty pizza boxes. 

It may seem like I’m playing that up a little, but that’s how habits work. One small step can put you on the highway of corresponding behaviour, whether that leads you to better pastures or worse. 

The brain likes to form loops, and we have to respect these tendencies. That doesn’t the gameplan is to avoid these bad habits, not if the alternative is to fiddle our fingers and do nothing. We have to continue to push in the opposite direction and find ways of staying on the front foot

That’s the essence of what it takes to carve out a body transformation. The road to it has us chasing goal after goal, crossing each finish line with the next one already in the sights. It’s a winning blueprint, and there’s no reason for it to stop. So we’ll continue to use the heavy hitters to set up goals to keep us occupied over the lockdown.

The Training Game

The Features
Weight Lifting

Here’s the most obvious downside to the new lockdown. The gyms are shut, and that’s placing a mighty spanner in your mojo. Even if you’ve got a garage gym that’s fully kitted out with machines and dumbbells, it’s just not going to capture the feel of a gym session when you’re in the midst other apex predators. That’s why the remaining heavy hitters need to be working in order for your exercise motivation to still have spark. 

The gameplan for training will be split at this point. For some, there are going to be enough weights and bands lying around to continue to keep muscle and strength on an upward trend. 

For those with limited equipment to call on, it would be better to focus simply on maintaining strength and remaining active. In which case, it’s a far cry better than sidelining the body and opting for couch rest. That’s the perfect recipe for muscle atrophy and a collapse of willpower. It can take as much as two months to lose strength when you’re out of action, but complete inactivity will see you withering away in a matter of weeks.

Fit Awakening Online Membership

I’ll be supplying clients with handcrafted workouts customised to whatever equipment they have available. Even if all you have is four limbs and a wooden floor, we’ll make it work. 

The Apex Diet

The Features
Increase your superfoods
Reduce sugars
Eliminated vegetable oils

This is by far your biggest available route of action over the lockdown. But despite the fact that the government haven’t locked down your kitchen, it’s also going to take a knock. Exercising, the business of lifting heavy and heavier lumps of iron, that represents clear forward movement, something the brain can get behind. It puts you in credit, and the decision to pick healthy foods then comes easier. 

That’s another reason why it’s vital to continue pushing forward with some form of exercise, even if it involves running.

The diet itself is set up for an easy win, and I’m going to tell you exactly why that’s the case, even if it puts in some controversy. It’s a matter of evolution, and what foods we’ve adapted to eat over millions of years. The modern versions, even the safety-first balanced diet, is broken. It contains vast amounts of foods we have no business eating, and that’s doing the metabolism dirty. The net result is inflammation, lethargy, hormonal imbalances, chronic disease, and a terrible time building muscle and shedding fat.

There’s a simple solution lurking in the midst of all this. Respecting evolution. If we muster up the courage to press the reset button and ditch the modern foods, we can return to the ancestral diet that’s been running in the background across the bulk of our existence.

It may take some time convincing yourself to risk it all, and getting rid of your dinner staples can be a monumental task, but the result is more than worth the sweat of getting there. Breaking down the dams on fat loss, muscle gain, revitalising your daily energy levels, curbing hunger once and for all, and finally being able to feel as good as you look.

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There are three things to work with. Increase the amount of superfoods you’re eating each meal, lowering sugar, and eliminating vegetable oils and processed junk. I’ll once again be building customised plans to sync up with your likes, dislikes, intolerances, and schedule.

The Apex Brain

The Features
Cold showers
Meal prep
Social media detoxing

Last of the heavy hitters, but quite likely the biggest driver of a fitness transformation. Most people ebb and flow in their quest to build a better physique. They get dragged into patches of high motivation, inevitably matched by spells of apathy. It’s a terrible formula for making worthwhile progress, but these mental swings are entrenched in the modern brain that’s overexposed to stimuli. We need to wrest back control.

The apex brain puts you in the realm of habit stacking, where healthy behaviours power you across from dawn to dusk. When you’re weighing up whether to add a habit to your routine, you just need to run it past two qualifiers.

One, it has to keep you on the front foot. There needs to be an element of progression. Each time you perform that habit, you get that little bit better. Practised over the span of weeks, they end up being game-changers.

As a second, it has to enhance one or potentially both of the brain’s driving modes. Focus, where you’re put into action. This could be a workout, a cold shower, anything where the object in front of you is the only thing that matters. As a counterpart, there’s relaxation, where the brain can step back and recover from intense bouts of focus. You’ll get the picture now. A productive emotionally-stable day needs you to switch back and forth between these contrasting modes.

When these habits are strung together, you have the perfect ordinary day. Each of those days takes little effort, and places you one step closer to your ultimate goal. Someone’s identity is defined by the sum of the habits they follow on a daily basis. If you want to be a lean and athletic person, then those daily behaviours have to match that persona.

Fit Awakening Online Membership

Get those master habits in play, and the success of your fitness journey goes from a slim chance to an inevitability. Once we’ve figured out which habits can be fitted seamlessly into your routine, we’ll go straight ahead to the tracking stage. It can take several months for habits to become automatic, but the first few weeks often prove decisive. So we’ll be practising those habits from day one.

Start Your Transformation

The Blueprint
A lean, muscular physique
Indomitable energy
Mental clarity
Stable emotions
Persistent drive

The apex transformation doesn’t settle for simply looking better, it pulls all the levers that spark a complete revival. It might seem like a hefty promise to make, but there’s a force of science and sense to back it up.

Explaining The Apex Blueprint

The Fit Awakening Online Membership takes you through the complete coaching experience, with customised plans across training, nutrition, and lifestyle. Even better, it starts with a free 7-day trial. 

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