Carnivore Brisket Air Fryer Recipe

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What You're About To Get Into
Why brisket is my favourite carnivore food
A deliciously simple breakfast recipe

The Cut To Rule Them All

Regardless of the diet, I have a habit of getting sucked into one ingredient, and then abusing the hell out of it. In my high carb days, it was chicken breast. I’m a sucker for monochromatic menus. During keto, it was ground beef. With carnivore, I may have finally landed on my soulmate. Brisket has ridiculously good abuse potential.

It’s loaded with fatty flavour, never gets old, and gets the full mileage out of your air fryer. In the carnivore cuisine, brisket has the best staying power. It’s been nearly a year since I did the deep dive into this diet, and brisket has been with every step of the day. Let me explain why.

It’s Cheap

There is a version of carnivore that’s exclusively made up of ribeyes, and it’ll cost you. You might be able to get by drastically reducing calories, but if you’re eating 2-3 pounds of meat a day, the weekly food shop can get a little sweaty. Brisket, on the other hand, is far cheaper while still holding up to similar macros.

Stacked With Fat

You need to let go of the low-fat cuts, just like the Inuit hunters would throw them to the dogs. We can only get so much of our energy needs from protein, the bulk of it has to come from fat. The need for fat has quite literally defined our evolution. The agricultural revolution took place because we’d hunted the fattest animals out of existence. Fat remains our prime, most efficient, source of energy. So you need to chase the plump cuts. You could compensate by adding stacks of butter on your diced casserole, but you’re better just getting the ones that are already jam-packed with healthy fats.

Then add the butter.

Why Saturated Fat Is The Most Important Ingredient

Dense With Nutrients

The nutritional tale of brisket is already off to a great start, by virtue of being more red meat. Any ruminant meat is going to be packed with vitamins, minerals, saturated fat, along with a low toxic load. But there’s more to brisket, as there’s a reason it’s notorious for being so tough to chew.

That would be all the collagen. Perfect for fueling skin, hair, and tissue repair, while buffering any inflammation from muscle meat. Most of the collagen is brisket is also insoluble, which can be seen as carnivore’s version of fiber. 

How To Hit Your Nutrient Needs On Carnivore

Flexible In The Kitchen

There are plenty of ways you can skin this cat, and there might not be any need for vigorous chopping. You could easily throw it in the slow cooker, add some broth if preferred, then pick it up after 8 hours. Personally, I don’t mind getting physical on the cutting board, and I’d rather get my breakfast now, as opposed to 8 hours later.

The Battle Tested Recipe

My frying pan used to be the lynchpin of my kitchen game, but it’s been taking a backseat since I stumbled on an air fryer. Not only is it ridiculously easy, but you can get your steak texture down to a science. After trying out a few different settings, I’ve ended religiously sticking to 10 minutes at full blast. The raw craze never quite caught me.

In this particular version, I’ve combined brisket with egg yolks. More often than not, I just fry it whole, but there is some science of avidin, present in the whites, binding and blocking biotin. Most of the nutrition of eggs are packed into the yolks, and separating the two can be a neat way of maintaining a high fat to protein ratio.

This might look like an excessive amount of fat, but there really isn’t such a thing, just as long as it’s saturated. If you eat too much, the body just burns it off by wasting it as heat. But feel free to downsize if your appetite isn’t quite there yet.

Carnivore Brisket Air Fryer Recipe

It's loaded with rich fatty flavour, never gets boring, and it gets full mileage out of your air fryer. On the carnivore cuisine, brisket may have the best staying power.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Carnivore
Servings 1
Calories 1020 kcal


  • Air Fryer
  • Two Bowls
  • Air Fryer
  • Cast Iron Pan


  • 300 g Brisket
  • 4 large Egg Yolks
  • 1 Tbsp Beef Dripping Also known as beef tallow
  • 1 Tbsp Goat Butter
  • 1 tsp Redmond Real Salt Any good mineral salt will do the business here.


  • With a sharp knife, dice the brisket into small cubes.
  • Place the brisket evenly along the base of the air fryer, then set the heat to 200°C. Sprinkle a liberal amount of salt over the meat. Set the timer for 10 minutes.
  • To separate the yolks from the whites, break it open and run it across your open palm over a bowl. The whites will fall through the cracks. Place the yolks in the other bowl.
  • Heat the beef fat in the pan over medium heat, the fry the yolks for a few minutes each side.
  • Place the meat and yolks on a plate, sprinkle some more salt, then tuck in alongside cold butter. It'll be a mouth-watering start to the day.


Macros Per Serving
Protein – 61g
Fat – 86g
Carbs – 0g
Keyword Air Flyer, beef, Carnivore, Keto

I have been assembling a bit of a collection of my favourite carnivore recipes, and you can check some of them out below.

Liver Pâté

Carnivore Pancakes

Monster Beef Burger

In any case, I hope you don’t see this as some niche designed to get you cosplaying in loincloths and hunting elk in the wilderness with makeshift spears. This is just a very practical way of revitalising a metabolism that’s buckling under the weight of inflammatory foods. The apex diet is, at its heart, a two-step solution.

Bring back the superfoods

Ditch the plants and seed oils, the harbingers of inflammation, insulin resistance, leaky gut, and the rest of the insidious set.

You can head to my full collection of carnivore recipes here.

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1 year ago

Hi. Does the brisket cook in so little time??

1 year ago
Reply to  Asim

It doesn’t take long in the air fryer! I never go past ten minutes. You just have to make sure to chop it up first.

Matthew McPhail
Matthew McPhail
10 months ago

ive been on carnavour for about 8 weeks ,looking forward to trying your receipe

10 months ago

It only gets better from here. You’ve passed the transition phase, but the metabolic adaptations will continue over the next few months.

Also, the air fryer and slow cooker are absolute carnivore essentials.