7 Carnivore Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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What You're About To Get Into
The pick of the carnivore podcasts
Tackling a range of issues related to ancestral living

Diving into the carnivore landscape

Go back five years, and you’d struggle to find much material on carnivore, besides anecdotal reports nestled away in niche forums. Your best bet would have been to hunt for a copy of the 1946 classic ‘Not By Bread Alone’ by the explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson. 

Not that you need much prep before catapulting a course through the diet. Fatty steak, a sprinkling of salt, you’re practically there. It isn’t strictly necessary that you first read about the liver-chomping antics of nomadic Eskimos. 

But that’s just as long as you’re dipping in and out. If you’re actively hunting optimal nutrition, and the lifestyle to prop it up, then it’s worth taking a look under the hood. Because there’s plenty of nuance to get through.

The ideal macros

How to balance your electrolytes

Setting it up for muscle gain vs fat loss

The ethics of livestock agriculture

Thankfully, there’s been a surge in interest in the carnivore diet over the past few years, and that’s been acknowledged with the printing of several books, and a host of podcasts that are bent on disseminating various aspects of carnivore culture.

In case you’d prefer some light reading, you can head over to my Carnivore Book List.

1. Nutriton WIth judy

Author of The Carnivore Cure, Judy’s podcast is a straightforward take on the pros and cons of following this elimination diet. This is geared toward metabolic health and alleviating autoimmune conditions, but there’s going to be some value here regardless of what’s got you into this steak game. The information is fantastic, the underlying principles stay consistent, and practically every angle gets tackled. 

But for people bent on eating a pound of liver a day, and who are happy to risk hypervitaminosis, it might be best to skip this one.

  • Metabolic Health
  • Getting All Your Vitamins And Minerals
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Balancing Electrolytes
  • Risk Of Hypervitaminosis
  • Potential Use Of Probiotics For Gut Health

Nutrition With Judy Podcast

2. Peak Human

peak human podcast

This isn’t carnivore by any means, since Brian Sanders still promotes whole-food plant sources, but his podcast ticks several boxes on ancestral living. In particular, focusing on high nutrient density foods, ditching seed oils, and promoting regenerative agriculture. Which lines up nicely with a diet that’s stacked to the rafters with steak. 

  • Metabolic Health
  • Understanding Cholesterol
  • Dangers Of Omega 6
  • Living An Ancestral Lifestyle
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Metabolic Flexibility

Peak Human Podcast

3. Fundamental health

fundamental health paul saladino

Paul Saladino is the author of the Carnivore Code, and he’s a bit of a wizard when it comes to breaking down the biochemistry behind nutrition and metabolic health. If you want to understand the mechanisms by which seed oils and plant toxins assault the body, Saladino’s your best best. Recently he’s veered across from carnivore to low carbohydrate animal-based, so this podcast will appeal to those who are looking to reintegrate low toxicity plant foods. 

  • Metabolic Health
  • Understanding Cholesterol
  • Eating Nose To Tail
  • Plant Toxins
  • Dangers Of Omega 6
  • Living An Ancestral Lifestyle
  • Balancing Electrolytes With Carbohydrates

Fundamental Health Podcast

4. Cutting against the grain

cutting against the grain

More Judy Cho, as she teams up with Laura Spath in a podcast that takes on the struggles of bringing carnivore into the modern lifestyle. This one really tunnels into the mental aspect of dieting, contrasting with the more technical podcasts in this list.

  • Metabolic Health
  • Living An Ancestral Lifestyle 
  • Stress Management
  • Carnivore Vs Real Life

Cutting Against The Grain Podcast

5. Carnivore yogi

carnivore yogi

Sarah Kleiner is another one who’s transitioned from carnivore to a meat-based approach. It’s a great podcast for adding some nuance to the usual beef and salt template, with particular attention paid to gut health and female hormones.

  • Metabolic Health
  • Dangers Of Fasting On Carnivore
  • Living An Ancestral Lifestyle
  • Potential Use Of Probiotics For Gut Health
  • Reintegrating Carbs Into Carnivore

Carnivore Yogi Podcast

6. Carnivore cast

carnivore cast

This podcasts includes interviews with researchers in the field, as well as success stories from members of the carnivore cult, who’ve used it to fight all sorts of fires. So if you have a niche problem that you’re trying to address with this diet, you may find a few answers here.

  • Metabolic Health
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Carnivore Success Stories

Carnivore Cast Podcast

7. revero

revero meat rx podcast

Hosted by Shaun Baker, author of The Carnivore Diet, Revero contains a wealth of success stories, as well as bringing on the occasional researcher. It’s similar to the Carnivore Cast in content, but it does have a much larger backlog of episodes. Not that you’d want to work your in from the beginning.

  • Metabolic Health
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Carnivore Success Stories

Revero Podcast

Don’t be dogmatic

Before you dive in and start learning about optimising a carnivorous lifestyle, be warned. You will encounter a ton of conflicting information. A simple example would be the risk of developing hypervitaminosis from eating too much beef liver. Paul Saladino has labeled it insignificant, while Judy Cho has it down as a real issue. 

You’ll land on plenty more controversies, and it’ll be hard to determine who has the right of it. So you’re best off going in with a mix of open mindedness and cynicism, while trying to get as diverse a range of takes as possible. That’s how you set yourself up for relentless success.

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