About Sama

Having been a personal trainer for close to a decade, I’d consider myself a bit of a dinosaur.

Assuming dinosaurs are allowed to be smart, and capable of continuously evolving.

When I started personal training way back in 2015, I was just an anxiety-ridden freeloader fumbling around for a career path after mistakenly believing that a creative writing degree would be the smart play.

I’ve practiced and coached practically every manner of diet and training regime in the ensuing 9 years.

Veganism and Crossfit being the exceptions, because my trajectory never got that desperate.

Most of them have worked, to an extent. Just never enough to produce profound results.

I continuously adapted and refined, whittling out the unnecessary fluff and keeping the needle movers of a physical and mental transformation.

In 2021, I finally arrived at the twin threats of ruthless efficiency.

Powerbuilding, and carnivore.

My colossal blog exists to prove that these are the best options we have for a one-size-fits-all resurrection.

Whether that’s bent on weight loss, muscle gain, managing autoimmune conditions, beefing up performance, or just maximising wellbeing.

If you’re interested in coaching or curious about the science behind the Apex Blueprint, just keep in mind that none of this is dogmatic.

I’m not saying you can’t eat vegetables if you want to be shredded for your pool party.

Neither am I saying that going above 8 reps will give you cancer.

This website, and my programme, is dedicated to removing the white noise around training and nutrition.

We dispense with the myths, highlight the needle movers, and build a simplified routine that makes the best of your environment, and your goals.

Don’t sleep on your potential.