Sama Hoole.

Carnivore Coach And Brain-Hacker

My Job At Genesis Fitness

I’ve been working as a personal trainer and pseudo therapist at DW Wrexham for more than four years at this point, and I’ve settled my focus on helping general population clientele build up physiques that feel just as good as they look.

Stronger. Smarter.
Stress Free.

The Goal Is The Process

Since signing up for a gym membership seven years ago, I haven’t had to sweat and bleed to get this far, or succeed in spite of all the naysayers.
Instead, I’ve had to learn an honest truth.
Life doesn’t begin once you manage to whittle down to the six-pack.
It doesn’t kick off once you crack a hundred kg on a bench press.
The magic came when I realised the process, the daily grind, is all that really matters.
And my job, as with all my content on this website, is to coach others to fall in love with the process.

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