97 Muscle-Focused Resistance Band Exercises
Use Minimal Equipment But Get Intense Workouts
Follow An 8 Week Programme
Walkthroughs For Each Movement
And When The Lockdown’s Over, You’ll Still Be Using A Bunch Of Them

Your Ultimate Home Training Programme

And That's Not Just It...

Gym Workouts

At least, when the drought finally ends and gyms reopen. Until then, we have bands to play with. And that's more than enough to keep progressing.

Diet plans

Follow a customised meal plan from a selection of the diets that actually get the job done.

Food Tracking

Get the nutritional support that can keep your diet from going off the rails, with food diary feedback and weekly check-ins.

habit creation

Find the right keystone habits to fuel your lifestyle, and learn how to make them bulletproof.

stronger, smarter, and stress free.

sama hoole

I've been with sama for a couple of months now and it's the best decision i've ever made.


he has helped change my attitude towards exercising as well as nutrition. I consider my sessions not as a luxury but as a necessity in self care!


I am so pleased with how my body shape has been transformed and how my strength has improved over time .... I never imagined I would hip thrust some of the weights I do.


sama's assistance has definitely improved my performance, and i'm regularly achieving new goals


Get your weekly dose of training and diet fixes



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