Twelve Hacks That Can Instantly Get You Motivated Enough To Start Your Home Workout

You know it’s time to start throwing your limbs around and kick the heart rate up a few notches, but for some reason you just can’t bring yourself to put your pants on and head downstairs. 

Two Hours In And You’re Still Staring At The Ceiling? Six Ways You Can Instant Improve Your Sleep

If you’re spending a third of your life on an acitivity, you’d be forgiven for assuming that you’ve mastered the craft by now. Except it’s getting tougher. Two thirds of the UK population suffer from disrupted sleep, and a third say they have insomnia. It’s a problem that’s not going away anytime soon.

The Real Reason Intermittent Fasting Works Better Than Other Diets

You might still be wondering whether intermittent fasting actually provides any benefits that you can’t get from your standard put-food-on-the-scale and calorie counting diet. And while it isn’t necessarily going to be the fix-all miracle diet, there’s one particular mechanism that gives it an edge over other diets. Fasting gives your digestion some much-needed time off.

Meditation Is Your Personal Stress Destroyer

Meditation is one of the most important tools you can possibly learn, and the earlier you start, the better chance you’ll have of sitting at the top of yogi mountain at a ripe old 80.

A Regular Exercise Routine Can Get You Eating Smarter

With the master control habit, we can wrap up Week 2 of Bulletproof Habits. I’ve said before, but I’m always happy to retrace my steps, exercise leads to a healthy mindset. By routinely making the decision to jolt the system a little and nudge the heart rate up, you’re cultivating a state of mind that’s …

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Sleep Your Way To Progress – Bulletproof Sleep – Week 2

A bad sleep routine could be the thing holding you back from making progress in your living room gym. If you haven’t seen the guide for Week 1 of Bulletproof Sleep, check it before you read any further. This series is designed to get you to peak fitness despite all the setbacks that come with …

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Getting Shredded At Home – Bulletproof Fasting – Week 2

For new readers and skeptics, I’d just like to preface that this is about intermittent fasting, which is the short version that won’t get you jumping against walls and feeling your stomach trying to eat its way out.  Not that those fears are warranted. Longer fasts are absolutely fine and unlikely to kill you, but …

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Bulletproof Meditation – Week 2

The key habits have been set, and now they are about pushed out into deeper waters. But it’s only going to be a gentle push. Habits are the life force of a fitness transformation, and they have to be set up to last. That means balancing the challenge against the limits of the human psyche. …

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Your Bulletproof Habit Tracker

The habits that I drew up over the first week of lockdown, are now set to become the persistent drivers of an active lifestyle. Each habit is dedicated to moving forward one of the four factors of a fitness transformation. Training, diet, stress, and sleep. Focus on one, and you’ll get some decent progress. But …

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