My Carnivore Diet Update – 8 Days Of Gaintaining

carnivore diet progress

This is the real test for my steak affair that’s still pretty fresh-faced. It’s early days but right now I’m waist-deep in the challenge of trying to stem the post-diet rebound. Calling it damage limitation doesn’t feel inspiring, so I’ve been shooting for the goal of gaintaining.

Is It Worth Jumping Ship From Keto To Carnivore?

Keto vs Carnivore diet pros and cons

Often people may find themselves stepping across to take a stab at carnivore mode, having done their time in the keto district. That’s exactly what I’ve ended up doing, and it hasn’t been a special case. These two styles share a huge list of similarities, with a few notable differences. The biggest among them, and the most obvious, is the question of plants as a healthy source of nutrition.

FAQ – What To Eat On A Carnivore Diet

What To Eat Carnivore

A meat-based diet is the most basic of setups, so it’s actually incredibly easy to get into. You’re eating meat, a few animal-based extras, while dropping everything else. That’s the blueprint, and it’s a simple one. Sticking to it may be a few levels more challenging.