Scales & Steps – Why You Should Be Weighing Yourself Every Day

Weighing Myself Every Day

It’s non-negotiable, or at least it should be. If you don’t believe in the scale, I’m going to provide a few reasons why you should reconsider and face the numbers. And if you’re already on the daily weight bandwagon, this article is covering much more than the scale alone. This is a completely fledged out guide for ensuring a diet’s success by the art of bio tracking.

One Way Both Low-Carb And High-Carb Diets Prevent Fat Gain

Carbs Vs Fats -Mindful Eating Secret

Despite all the times I’ve jumped on the fat pedestal and flew the keto flag, there’s a crucial mechanism shared across both dieting extremes. It’s a simple, powerful strategy that enables intuitive eating. Which means you won’t have to spend time tracking every food label you come across.



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