My Carnivore Diet Update – 8 Days Of Gaintaining

carnivore diet progress

This is the real test for my steak affair that’s still pretty fresh-faced. It’s early days but right now I’m waist-deep in the challenge of trying to stem the post-diet rebound. Calling it damage limitation doesn’t feel inspiring, so I’ve been shooting for the goal of gaintaining.

Time To Go Super Paleo

Keto Vs Carnivore

So I’m taking a leap of faith and trying the carnivore diet for a week. It’s essentially keto, just without the fiber and the veggies. In fairness, that’s a pretty significant change. By removing all plants, I’m essentially relying on animal products to provide all the sources of nutrition.

The Best Time To Start A Diet Is Six Months Ago

It’s been five weeks now since the diet began, or at least it feels like five. Things got blurred soon as I stopped counting down days till the weekly cheat day. That’s the one upside I forgot to mention in the last article. It keeps you anchored.

The Waist Is Shrinking – Life In Lockdown Update

It’s a non caffeine day today, so I didn’t have the willpower to get to the usual 20 hour fast, but on most days it feels pretty easy.  Dipping below on 85kg on some days now, and the waist is below 30 inches! That’s the lowest since I started caring so much. When this is …

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Fasting Through The Plague – 10 Days In

Weighed in today at 85.2kg, which is 1.5 down since suffering the double blast of becoming gym and jobless. I’m committed to continuing the fat loss programme, because who needs a holiday to diet for? The weak ones. The fasts are regularly hitting 20 hours, and I’ve pushed the first meal across to 3-4pm. There …

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Bulk Report – It’s Time For Some Sleep Hacking

⠀ Here’s an honest truth, I don’t get nearly as much quality bedtime as a healthy 26 year-old with every nutritional detail dialled in, should be banking on. The problem isn’t in sleep opportunity, I get 8 hours under the covers on most days. I should be sauntering into the day, but instead I’m getting …

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