Find out why powerbuilding is the perfect blend of strength and aesthetics.

Includes access to the workout app with customised training plans backed with video tutorials.

Tailored to suit your schedule and equipment.

Optimised to ensure you progress across both muscle and strength.


Engage in key lifestyle habits that build stress resilience and boost productivity and wellbeing.

Choose three simple but potent habits that further your particular mental goals, whether that’s curbing anxiety, improving focus, or cultivating a front-foot mindset.

Track those habits by checking them off every day after completion.


Reset the clock back to the ancestral way of eating. Ditch the toxins, bring back the superfoods, unearth your body’s missing potential.

Follow the variation of carnivore that fits your goals.

Straight carnivore, carnivore-style, or meat-based.

Receive sample meal plans to guide the diet, and track your macros through an accompanying app.



Fuse the three prime movers to make one unstoppable primal transformation.

carnivore muscle building diet

Ready To Begin Transforming?

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Experience the complete carnivore fat-melting muscle-stacking experience.

My monthly membership involves customised training plans, diet plans, and regular access to me via Whatsapp and the coaching app.

If you’re interested, but would like to know more before signing up, contact me here to arrange a free consultation via Whatsapp.

On signing up, you’ll recieve an invitation to join the membership site within 24 hours. Hang tight!

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The Ultimate Online Coaching Package

Carnivore And Meat-Based Diet Plans

Training Plans Tailored To Your Equipment And Schedule

With Video Tutorials For Each Exercise

Habits That Make You Bulletproof

24/7 Whatsapp Contact With Me

Video Consultations On Request

Get My 100+ Page Carnivore Diet EBook

£39.99/per month

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1-On-1 Strength Coaching
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Frequently Asked Questions

A hard reset back to the ancestral way of eating, which involved copious amounts of red meat and little to no plant foods.

The apex diet eliminates inflammation, primes the body to build muscle, releases the brakes on fat loss, and charges up your energy levels.

It’s the ultimate tool for a fitness transformation.

The Apex Diet Plan is low carb, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be ditching plant foods entirely.

While the best initial strategy would be to follow strict carnivore for at least 30 days, the diet has to fit your needs, and there are situation where you can benefit from sprinkling some low toxicity carbs in.

Absolutely. When I say the training plan is custom-made, I mean it. If you only have dumbbells, we’ll set up a plan that exclusively uses dumbbells.

Just let me know what you have available, and we’ll make it work.

For people in the Wrexham (North Wales) area, I’m available for one-to-one coaching at Total Fitness. This comes alongside the training and diet plans of the Apex Blueprint.

If you’d like to look into personal training, you can either reach out through my contact page or message me on my mobile.

Contact Sama
Mobile – 07875726431

My blog is updated weekly with new guides on the blueprint, and already has over 200 in the archives. You can check it out here.

Powerbuilding combines the brute weight of powerlifting and the muscle-focused precision of bodybuilding.

Which means you get the best of both worlds. Lift big totals, and look great doing it.