Get customised training plans designed for shape and aesthetics. And they come with pictures.


Reset the clock back to the ancestral way of eating. Ditch the toxins, bring back the superfoods.


Use special daily habits to get the edge over stress and gain laser-sharp focus.

The Apex blueprint

Fuse the three prime movers to make one unstoppable transformation.

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Experience the huge array of benefits to your fitness and kitchen game, at no risk. As part of the trial, you’ll already have a bunch of perks to use over the next seven days. On signing up, you’ll recieve an invitation to join the membership site within 24 hours. Hang tight!


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Frequently asked questions

A hard reset back to the ancestral way of eating. The apex diet eliminates inflammation, releases the brakes on fat loss, and charges up your energy levels. 

For people in the Wrexham (North Wales) area, I’m available for one-to-one coaching. This is effectively added on to the training and diet plans of the Apex Blueprint.

My blog is updated weekly with new guides on the blueprint, and already has over 200 in the archives. You can check it out here.

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Want to book in or discover more about my coaching? Click to ask me a question on WhatsApp or send us an email to

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