Tools For Your Fitness Game

Don’t go it alone. Here are some of the best free resources for navigating your way through a fitness programme. Whether you’re going keto, carnivore, fasting, or just sticking by the road, there are plenty of ways to make the optimise your routine.

I’m a firm believer in tracking, as it provides you with the a way to check for problems and then hone in on fixing them. With the crazy amount of variety factoring into fat loss and muscle gain, it’s not worth leaving this stone unturned.

Why Fitness Tracking Is EssentialRead my guide here

Client Starting Guide

About to kick off a programme with me? Then it’s time get out the measuring tape and tripod. If you’re unsure about what you need to get started, this booklet will get you up and running.

The Apex Client Blueprint

What exactly are you getting into? The blueprint booklet will outline the three major drivers for peaking your physique. And more importantly, just how we’re going to go about doing it.

Keto / Carnivore Macro Calculator

Want to set your macros and calories up the easy way? Use this keto calculator to just punch in a few details and it’ll tell you what you should be aiming for.

Sync Your Fitness Trackers

Keep track of your physical feedback in one place. Calories, steps, sleep, etc. It’s incredibly useful to be able to listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Intermittent Fasting App

Track your fasts and see how your weight is correlating on a day by day basis. Get rid of the anomalies and focus on the trend. One weird day doesn’t mean you’re off-track. 

Calorie Tracking App

Even if you’re not keto, you should at least be tracking your calories and protein every week or so. This app is my personal favourite for it’s simple layout that still gets you every possible detail about what you’re eating!

My Free Intermittent Fasting Programme

Delve into the science of fasting for fat loss in my free 87-page ebook. The pdf comes with a full programme for both male and female-specific training. It’s an all-in-one introduction to superior fat burning!

7 Habits In 14 Days - Fitness Challenge

Another free programme that will provide the perfect boost for those looking to kick their fitness up a gear. You’re given 7 carefully selected habits that combine to improve all aspects of recovery. If you’re getting swamped by stress, can’t get a decent night of sleep, this is the ideal way to start fixing that.