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Start The 30 Day Carnivore Reset

Ditch the modern diets and return to the ancestral way. Lose fat by the bucket. Build a mountain of muscle. Wrap up your transformation in a matter of months.

the balanced diet is wrong

The Balanced Diet is Broken

For the most part, the concept of a ‘balanced diet’ is arbitrary and hard to put in practice. There are some specific recommendations, which in turn are gleaned from evidence constructed over quicksand.

modern diet vs ancestral diet

Scrap Modern Diets And Head Back To The Original

These days, everyone’s off on a cinderella adventure to find their own special diet that fits the needs of their genetics. And while we’re not getting shuttled out of a clone factory, it may be time to ease off the sauce. 

The Hidden Dangers Of Plant Toxins

To label plants as a poor source of nutrition would be doing them a disservice. It goes much further than that. Plant foods are agents of nutrient deficiencies, systemic inflammation, gut dysbiosis, and metabolic dysfunction.