Eleven Amazing Ways Keto Boosts Your Brain

With keto, there’s a sizable shift in the mental game. This is something I’ve touched on before in a post about high protein keto. I’d go as far as to argue that the brain boost is keto’s greatest benefit, and the reason why many opt to stay even once they reach their goal weight. It can become more of a lifestyle tool than a weight manipulator.

Six Easy Fixes For The Post Meal Bloat

Having a healthy gut can be a game changer. It’s worth remembering that the bloating feeling that you get after a meal shouldn’t be happening. Here’s a few snap-shot ideas that you can use immediately, if you’re currently having to hold your sides in, or remember to use the next time you decide to risk it all on a takeaway.

Feeling Hungry Straight After Eating? Start Adding More Fats To Your Meals

The post-meal rebound is a typical problem that can arrive parcelled in with the latest attempt at a diet. You wrap up a meal, feel pretty great, shove the table away and move ahead with life. But within an hour or two, the new lease of energy peters out and hunger forces its way back to the forefront.



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