FAQ – What To Eat On A Carnivore Diet

What To Eat Carnivore

A meat-based diet is the most basic of setups, so it’s actually incredibly easy to get into. You’re eating meat, a few animal-based extras, while dropping everything else. That’s the blueprint, and it’s a simple one. Sticking to it may be a few levels more challenging.

Carnivore Monster Burger

Carnivore Keto Burger Bodybuilding Friendly

I’m lucky I’ve stopped counting calories, because I’m positive I’ve had at least two kilos of fatty meat today. That alone’s doubled my calorie count, and never mind the eggs.  But it’s been worth it, no regrets. Now I’m going to test out the new waffle maker.  Here’s the recipe. Although you can probably tell …

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The Carnivore Vs Herbivore Clash: Part Two

Carnivore Vs Herbivore Part Two Diet Debate

Part one weighed up the possible risks in restricting yourself to a vegan diet. The short version? Plants don’t like to be eaten, and all contain some level of toxicity. Compounds like lectins and phytic acid can cause inflammatory cascades in the body, while serving up a double whammy by impairing the absorption of nutrients from foods.

Bacon Wrapped Salmon

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Egg Carnivore

This triple decker can easily be made into a carnivore recipe, just by removing the mayo and garlic. As it is, this is one for the carnivore-ish category. Or as I’d like to call it, the smart carnivore diet. Not as strict, while still avoiding the toxic plants. In my mind, that’s a better way to encourage adherence, as opposed to flat out restriction.

Time To Go Super Paleo

Keto Vs Carnivore

So I’m taking a leap of faith and trying the carnivore diet for a week. It’s essentially keto, just without the fiber and the veggies. In fairness, that’s a pretty significant change. By removing all plants, I’m essentially relying on animal products to provide all the sources of nutrition.